September 26, 2021

USC brings Paralegal Studies Program to Charleston area

USC brings Paralegal Studies Program to Charleston area – The University of South Carolina will soon expand the availability of its Paralegal Studies Certificate Program to the Charleston area with courses offered at the Lowcountry Graduate Center.

The program initially will be offered via 2-way video with instructors based in Columbia, with the potential for the courses to be taught in person as the number of students enrolled in North Charleston grows.


Each course will be offered during the day on Saturday so that students can maintain a personal and professional work-life balance while attending classes, officials said. Course topics include Introduction to Law, Torts and Personal Injury, Legal Research and Writing, Civil Litigation, Contract Law and Family Law.

Admission to the program requires a four-year undergraduate degree or four years of professional work experience.

To learn more about the paralegal studies courses that will be offered in North Charleston, visit the Lowcountry Graduate Center’s Paralegal Studies Certificate Program page or call 803-777-4954.