October 15, 2021

UC San Diego Extension Launches Online eDiscovery and Litigation Technology Certificate

The University of California, San Diego Extension, is introducing a new “eDiscovery and Litigation Technology Certificate” in response to the increased automation of legal processes, huge volumes of electronic data, and growth of large-scale, complex litigation. The new certificate program recognizes the emergence a new occupation in the legal field: the Litigation Technology Professional. This cutting-edge profession combines the legal knowledge of attorneys and paralegals with the technical skills of information technology professionals. Litigation Technology Professionals help identify, preserve, collect, produce, and manage electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation. With lightning-fast changes in regards to how data and electronically stored information is kept, maintained, and destroyed, the evolution of the practice of law has been forced to adapt to technology resulting in a specific need for tech-savvy legal professionals currently missing but in high demand. The new certificate program begins online January 17, 2017. Registration is now open at extension.ucsd.edu/ediscovery. For more information, email unexlaw@ucsd.edu or call (858) 534-8164.