October 15, 2021

Paralegals and Animal Law

Just as laws change over time so have pet ownership trends. According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2015-2016 annual National Pet Owners Surveys, the number of American households reporting pet ownership has increased from 56 percent of households in 1988 to 65 percent of households in 2016. Much as pet ownership has increased over the past three decades so have the opportunities for paralegals with an interest in the animal law field.

Animal Law Specialties.  Understanding the various animal law specialties within the legal profession is the first step to exploring a career path as an animal law paralegal. Depending on the specific practice, there are different career paths that paralegals can undertake based on the unique approach each law firm and lawyer takes to animal law. Bruce A. Wagman, partner at Schiff Hardin law firm, explained how animal law includes legal issues concerning animal welfare. Wagman’s practice focuses on litigating on behalf of animals. “All the work I do is on the animal side. I deal with cases usually challenging certain practices with respect to animals or defending laws that protect animals.” Animal law, according to Wagman, touches many areas of society. For example, part of his animal law practice focuses on reducing the number of animals experimented upon, and the types of experimentation performed on animals in the biomedical and cosmetic industries. Another part of his practice focuses on legal challenges to the treatment of animals in and requests to remove them from the entertainment industry… Read the FULL STORY now in the Digital Edition, Page 8.

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