September 26, 2021

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Paralegal Today’s 23rd Annual Salary Survey Summary

Corporate Paralegal Jobs Get Largest Salary Increases This Year

Paralegal Today’s 23rd Annual Salary Survey reveals only a modest increase of 2.5% across the board for paralegal incomes at $59,773 with the highest increase reflected by those paralegals supporting corporations.  Corporate paralegals gained an impressive 9.2% increase over last years reported amount earning an average $71,255 compared to the .06% increase from the 2013 which was reported at an average of $63,664.  Perhaps overall increases in corporate earning as reflected in the stock indexes are translating into bigger salaries and bonuses to corporate paralegals.  Average law firm paralegal salaries showed an even lower increase of 1.9% to $57,359.  Any prior growth in salaries appears to have stalled out in 2014 for paralegals working at law firms and paralegals working for local, state and Federal government agencies.  Those salaries actually showed a decrease of -1.6% to $60,178 compared to an average amount of $61,141 reported last year.

Job Growth

Across the board the number of paralegal positons remained the same for approximately 60 to 65 percent of those organizations represented in the survey.  Less than a quarter had an increase in positions with the West showing the greatest increase at 25.4%.  Twenty one percent of both Northeast and Southern respondents indicated a decrease in paralegal positions.  Any growth in paralegal positions was found primarily with law firms and corporate legal departments.  Approximately 22% of the respondents from law firms and corporations reported increases respectively.  Government organizations showed the least increase of paralegal positions at only a 12.5% increase.

Largest Salaries

Not surprisingly those paralegals with the most experience in the paralegal field had the highest salaries.  This was the case for all three categories of organization- law firms, corporate legal offices and government.  Paralegal positions with corporate legal departments led with the highest paying positions averaging at $90,172.  Corporate paralegal positions also averaged the highest paid position across all regions surveyed ranging between $61,723 and $77,882.  The highest salary reported in the survey was approximately $177K.

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