October 15, 2021

New website offers national forum for probate attorneys, court personnel and bank trust officers

Estate attorneys, probate judges and bank trust officials charged with locating heirs to estates now have a powerful new resource at their disposal. Heirlaw.org is a free online forum for probate professionals to share their experiences, concerns and frustrations with the process of identifying and locating legitimate heirs. The Heirlaw.org forum was created by Cliff Von Langen, a forensic genealogist and CEO of an investigative agency that works extensively assisting the probate profession. The site was built to address concerns and challenges that the probate profession faces in their quest to find heirs through traditional channels.

Probate attorneys and administrators face constant challenges from “heir hunters”, fortune seekers who often employ questionable tactics to file claims quickly in exchange for a percentage of the heir’s share of the estate. The practice of attempting to file claims quickly, before all heirs are located, can result in legitimate heirs either being denied their share of the estate, or unnecessarily agreeing to give a portion of their inheritance away.

There are currently no uniform laws governing the tactics of heir hunters, an oversight many probate attorneys would like to see changed. To resolve this problem, enlightened members of the probate profession are seeking to promulgate legislation that would provide a waiting period sufficient for probate officials to identify and locate legitimate claimants. Heirlaw.org offers a forum for probate professionals who want to see this system corrected. It provides an opportunity for them to share their stories with other professionals across the country, and to advocate for legislative remedies to this system.

There is no cost to participate in this online forum.