October 15, 2021

Level 2 Legal Solutions releases results of research focusing on paralegal and paralegal management trends

Independent research highlights high levels of job satisfaction and the impact of collaboration, technology, and outsourcing in the Paralegal Profession

Level 2 Legal Solutions, a boutique provider of legal solutions, including managed review services and advanced eDiscovery consulting, released the results of a comprehensive research study on trends focusing on paralegals and paralegal managers at the 2018 International Practice Management Association (IPMA) conference and expo. Author of the report is Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors, a leading legal industry consultancy tracking market developments. The study was conducted during July and August of 2018. It focused on: trends in the profession; the value of collaboration; levels of job satisfaction; the impact of technology on practice management; the utilization of outside resources; the increasing levels of autonomy; and changes in eDiscovery and litigation support.

Eighty-six percent of the respondents were with AmLaw 200 law firms (with one at a Canadian law firm of a similar size). The remaining participants were with law firms of between 90 to 200 lawyers. Forty-nine percent had responsibility for litigation.

The interviewees were a very experienced group. Forty-three had more than 25 years of experience and 83% had more than 10 years of experience. None of the participants had fewer than five years of experience. And 69% supervised other paralegals or practice support professionals.

The most frequently cited trends for 2018 were collaboration, outsourcing, technological expansion, and the evolution of paraprofessional responsibilities.

Visit https://www.level2legal.com/who-we-serve/paralegals to download the full report, as well as an infographic that summarizes its findings.