October 15, 2021


How do I subscribe?

  • Follow the directions and fill out this simple form.

How do I unsubscribe?

Where do I send e-mail messages for the group?

All messages intended for the discussion group should be sent to paralegal-today-forum@lyris.dundee.net. Only subscribers to the discussion group are allowed to send messages to the group.

How do I only receive a digest of the day’s messages?

The option to only receive the digest version of this group is open to any subscriber. To change your settings, simply sign in, then click on Your Settings. In Your Settings, you can change your Status to a variety of different options.

Will anyone sell or rent my e-mail address to another company?

Under no circumstances will Paralegal Today or James Publishing sell or rent your e-mail address to another company, organization, or individual. Unfortunately, we cannot keep individuals from seeing and capturing your e-mail address when you send an e-mail to the entire group.

Who has access to my e-mail address?

Only the list administrator for the Paralegal Today Discussion Group has access to the entire list of e-mail addresses of the group. The only reason we would access this list of members would be if we found it necessary to move the discussion group to another list provider.

What are the rules for posting messages?

Please visit our guidelines page for etiquette and examples of inappropriate posts.