October 24, 2021

Editorial Guidelines & Standards

Editorial Guidelines for Writers

Paralegal Today is the leading independent magazine geared toward the needs of the rapidly expanding paralegal profession. Paralegal Today offers information pertaining to paralegals on legal practices and developments, practical advice and “how-to” articles to help its readers achieve career goals, coverage of national regulation and licensure efforts, news, trends, professional event happenings, colorful and informative pieces on unique areas and persons in the profession and sound advice for becoming more efficient in the workplace. Writers must keep this readership in mind. Articles are accepted on assignment only, therefore we strongly recommend initial query letters. Before any article is accepted, writers must receive an assignment letter from the managing editor.

We accept the following types of articles:

News & Trends: Send a query letter first. Submissions should be timely, investigative and written in straight news style. A list of cited sources (including source name, title, phone number and e-mail address) is required. Photos are greatly appreciated. Most stories are between 600 and 1200 words in length, unless otherwise directed by an editor.

Features: Send a query letter first. We seek material that offers our readers new insights into the various aspects of the paralegal profession, with an emphasis on providing practical information in an easy-to-read, “how-to” format. Stories on paralegals involved with high profile cases should show us the “what’s involved, how’s-it-done” angle through interviews with the featured paralegals. Features range in size from approximately 1,500 to 3,000 words, including sidebars. Payments for features are decided on a case-by-case basis determined by the article’s newsworthiness, content, length, author’s track record and other factors. Agreed-upon compensation includes the article and all attachments (charts, sidebars, etc.) and revisions unless otherwise specified upon negotiation.

Other Columns:

My Specialty and Legal Teams: We feature paralegals working in unique practice areas in our “My Specialty” column and great paralegal-attorney teams in our “Legal Teams” column. If you would like to be featured in a future issue of Paralegal Today or want to suggest a paralegal or team to be featured, please contact us at ejouben@conexionmed.com. Since these columns are written in-house, we do not offer compensation for My Specialty or Legal Teams.

Association Notes and Association Spotlight: We publish upcoming events of local and national paralegal associations in Association Notes at no charge. If you would like to promote your association’s event, please forward a summary of 100 words or less to  Elona M. Jouben,Managing Editor, at: ejouben@conexionmedia.com. Your summary should include the name of your association and the date(s), name, location and cost of the event(s). It should also mention how many CLE credits (if any) are offered and a contact number and/or e-mail.


All materials offered for publication should be submitted with the understanding that they are complete, original materials and are offered to Conexion International Media, Inc. (publisher of Paralegal Today) for all rights, including Web rights, marketing purposes and reprint permission. All work submitted must be the original property of the writer and must not have appeared in another publication in print or online.

All articles should be written in Associated Press (AP) style, spell-checked and edited by the writer for grammar and errors. A list of cited sources (including source name, title, phone number and e-mail address) is required

Keep sentences brief and to the point. Paralegal Today uses the active voice in all articles. Please do not double space between sentences. Text should be broken up with subheads as needed. Writers are encouraged to supply sample headlines and should place their bylines on both the hardcopy and the electronic version of their articles. The editor has sole discretion on whether or not a byline will be used on the final published version of any article submitted, and where such byline or other credits, if given, might be placed in relation to the text

All submitted materials are subject to editing. Due to time and space considerations, along with editorial discretion, Paralegal Today reserves the right to determine whether and when submitted material is published. We also reserve the right to return for edit or reject any story that we deem, in our sole discretion, unacceptable for publication, as well as the right to edit any article as we see fit, including but not limited to length, content and style.

• Kill fees are used both for the protection of the magazine and the protection of the writer. A standard kill fee for articles is between $25 and $50. Kill fees for all other written material — materials other than news articles — are determined on a case-by-case basis at the editor’s discretion. These fees are paid in instances when the material submitted does not meet the assignment goals, lacks sufficient quality for our audience or, in rare cases, when the editors determine that publication of the material would be detrimental to the magazine.
• Footnotes are not used; incorporate these into the text.
• Tables/Charts do not need to be produced in table form. Writers may simply type these clearly, with tabs, and provide a hard copy example of what the finished table/chart should look like.
• Writers must obtain written (via fax, mail or e-mail) permission for use of copyrighted material (i.e. charts from surveys, etc.). Graphics are always desirable, and in some cases necessary (i.e. representations of forms, photographs of interview subjects, etc.). Writers should also remember to adhere to the policy of Fair Use when quoting from published materials.
• Writers are responsible for confirming all facts in stories prior to submission. Verifying questionable quotes, names, facts and figures is essential. However, in order to maintain Paralegal Today’s journalistic and editorial integrity, third parties who are not a part of the freelance agreement should not be provided with copies of the stories under assignment. Providing copies of unpublished articles is a violation of Paralegal Today’s editorial and freelance policies and significantly complicates the publishing process.
• Materials should be sent by e-mail as a Microsoft Word attachment.
• Submit a brief biographical sketch (50 words maximum) with your manuscript. Include your current position (attorney, paralegal, freelance writer), company or other professional organization (if any), field of expertise, etc. (No hobbies, family members, etc., unless they pertain to your subject or your expertise.) If you are writing a column or a feature, please include a high-resolution jpg photo of yourself (preferably a headshot).
• Names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses of all sources quoted in articles must be provided for editorial fact-checking purposes. If information is obtained from written material or Web sites, please include a copy (or e-mail attachment/link) of the material or Web address for proofreading purposes.

Due to the nature of the material and the need to turn copy around quickly, deadlines are strictly enforced.

Please e-mail queries to:

 We look forward to working with you.



Special Advertising Sections

The following Rules have been excerpted from the Official Guidelines for Editors and Publishers by the American Society of Magazine Editors. These rules apply to Paralegal Today.

  • A special advertising section or supplement is a set of advertising pages on a common theme written in editorial-like text. Each text page of special advertising sections must be clearly identified as advertising.
  • The words “Advertising,” or “Advertisement” should appear horizontally at or near the center of the top of every page in type at least equal in size and weight to the publication’s normal editorial body typeface. The word “Advertorial” should not be used to identify these pages.
  • The layout, design and typeface of advertising pages should be distinctly different from the publication’s normal layout, design and typeface. The design and typeface are subject to review and approval by the editorial department.

Publishing Guidelines and Deadlines:

Editorial Schedule and Focus by Issue: Publishing Guidelines

Where to send:

All queries, manuscripts, outlines or other editorial submissions should be sent to:

The Editor, Paralegal Today
Conexion International Media, Inc.
6030 Marshalee Drive
Suite 570
Elkridge, MD 21075
Email: editorparalegal@conexionmedia.com
Fax: (443) 445-3257