October 15, 2021

Case Management The Art of the Unseen

Have you ever corresponded with a contact on the opposing counsel’s team and noticed they were identified as a “case manager” in their signature … [Read more...]

Technology to the Rescue: Virtual Meetings 101

Many law firms are turning to virtual meetings to conduct business to save time and money by allowing participants to attend from their homes or … [Read more...]

Protecting Client Secrets From Hackers

What do hackers like better than hacking a business to steal confidential customer information and insider information? Hacking into a law firm that … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Redactions

My former boss was a doodler. Without fail, I would review documents he had previously reviewed only to find he had circled something or drew some … [Read more...]

Trial Presentation Trends

A guide to the latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry for paralegals By Milton Hooper If you watch television, you probably … [Read more...]

Making Paralegal Jobs Easier?

The pros and cons of electronic deposition summaries By Mary Girsch-Bock According to Daniel Siegel, a practicing attorney and president of … [Read more...]