September 25, 2020

Your future self—as a paralegal or elsewhere

A survey by the Robert Half agency among professional office employees found that many are rethinking what’s most important in their career. 57% said they have experienced a shift in their feelings toward work due to the pandemic. Of those, 60% are more motivated to be employed at an organization that values its staff during unpredictable times and 40% will prioritize their personal life over their job moving forward. 33% want to pursue a more meaningful or fulfilling job. Whether you are a long-time career paralegal or a beginner, you may be experiencing such concerns. If so, there is some excellent advice available in “Become your Future Self,” a recently published article by Ana Pierro, a New Jersey paralegal and a recognized speaker and advocate for the paralegal profession. Ana says, “…where you will be in the future will be the sum of your efforts today.” Ana offers other helpful paralegal career tips on her blog, The Paralegal. Click here to read more