September 27, 2021

Paper Software Adds Real-Time Updating to Contract Tools

Paper Software, developers of powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts on Mac and PC, has updated its PC application Contract Tools that enable real-time updating as you edit documents. Real-time updating enhances all Contract Tools features, for example: If you make common contract drafting errors, they are instantly highlighted in your document – and when you fix potential drafting errors, the highlighting instantly disappears; as you use defined terms, create cross-references, and refer to other documents, Contract Tools keeps track of these items automatically; and when you mark a part of your document as unfinished, it is instantly added to the Contract Tools to-do list. Contract Tools is a Microsoft Word add-in that offers AI-powered document analysis, automatic proofreading, simple navigation tools, powerful search features, intuitive editing tools, and other features for contract creation and analysis.