April 27, 2017

From the Editor

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From the Editor – 

I do love this time of year–family gatherings, parties with friends, being thankful for the good things from the past year, and making resolutions for the New Year.

Paralegal Today ushers in this New Year with an edition packed with informative articles focusing on helping legal professionals understand and deal with current threats to confidential electronic communications and data. Featured in this edition is “Wireless Connectivity and Data Security–What You Need to Know,” in which Jennifer Ellis, Esq., explains how WiFi works and offers strategies for protecting clients’ confidential information. In a related feature, “As Private as a Postcard–What You Need to Know About E-mail Security,” Milton Hooper discusses e-mail security challenges and solutions, including the pros and cons of various methods of encryption.

In Daphne Drescher’s “Authenticating Social Media Content at Trial,” we discover that authenticating social media content is surprisingly similar to authenticating other types of evidence at trial. Part two of Christine Flynn’s
“The Role of a Paralegal in File Transfers” continues her discussion of the complex issues of electronic transfers of documents and file materials. “Work in the Cloud with 19 of the Most Popular Sites,” by Dawn Witzke,
offers a summary of Cloud information, broken down by topic area. (Dawn’s discussion of law firm Cloud computing will appear in our next edition.) Check out the “Association Notes” section providing upcoming conference
information, the 2014 conference summaries for IMPA, NALA, NALS, and NFPA, and a spotlight on the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio.

Finally, be sure to see the “Ask the Listserv” column, which contains discussions excerpted from Paralegal Today’s ListServ. I hope reading these will encourage you to sign up for this amazing free service, through which ListServ members from all over the country are sharing thoughtful, helpful, and downright enlightening information. Paralegals helping paralegals – what could be better?

My final wish for everyone as we close 2014 is that you have a happy and healthy 2015! I am thankful for the wonderful help, advice, suggestions, articles from our 2014 authors, and you, dear readers, for making 2014 one awesome year!


Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS
Managing Editor