April 27, 2017

Editorial Overview

Action-oriented editorial enhances advertising response

The editorial content of Paralegal Today is focused entirely on providing litigation support professionals with cutting edge ideas and information to meet the pressing demands of modern law practice. Timely reports and pertinent feature articles cover what’s new, useful, practical and applicable.

Readers look to Paralegal Today to help…

  • Streamline document management, prep and process
  • Improve staff operations
  • Cut waste and duplication
  • Save time
  • Avoid errors
  • Improve accountability
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Better serve their internal or external clients

Regular editorial features and key topics include…

  • Discovery
  • Electronic Document Discovery
  • Data Processing
  • Attorney Support
  • Trial Technology and Support
  • Electronic Courtroom Presentation
  • Record Archiving
  • Talk Tech
  • Ancient Tools
  • Tips of the Trade and Best Practices
  • Ask the Legal Eagle
  • Your Witness, Please