January 21, 2018

Past Issues

Q3 2013

In this issue: Ask the Listserv 4 ABA Certified Paralegal Training Programs – Are they worth it? 8 Making the Jump 14 The Pros and Cons of Working … [Read more...]

Q2 2013

In this issue: Career Advice 3 Get Connected – Using Social Media to Advance Your Career Paralegal Today’s 21st Annual Salary Survey 6 Inching … [Read more...]

Q1 2013

In this issue: Ask the Listserv 3Paralegal Spotlight 6RoxAnn Mack: Pro Bono PioneerCreative Computing 8Free Alternatives to High-End Software … [Read more...]

Oct/Dec 2012

In this issue: National Conference Round-up 3Ethics Roundtable 4Paralegal Spotlight 6Kathryne LindseyLitigation Corner 12Locating People OnlineMy … [Read more...]

July/Sept 2012

In this issue: Ethics Roundtable Ask the Listserv Creative Computing Database Search StrategiesParalegal Spotlight Maureen McCormickThe Paralegal's … [Read more...]

April/June 2012

In this issue: Ask the Listserv Creative Computing Microsoft Office Tips and TricksLegal Research & WritingLegal Research Blogs to … [Read more...]

January/March 2012

In this issue: Ask the Listserv  Ethics Roundtable Protecting Electronic Communication of Confidential Client Information New & … [Read more...]

October/December 2011

In this issue: Tablet Talk How These Sleek, New Gadgets Can Help Paralegals By: Kim Walker, RP Meeting of the Minds Preparing for and Documenting … [Read more...]

July/September 2011

In this issue: Ethics Roundtable -Ethical Issues Surrounding Social Media Research and Juror Conduct Ask the Listserv News & Trends Creative … [Read more...]

April/June 2011

In this issue: Climbing Back 19th Annual Salary Survey Results  By: Sally A. Kane Managing Workplace Stress and Anxiety By: Turea Simpson 7 … [Read more...]

Jan/March 2011

In this issue: Balancing the Internship Equation DOL Targets Boom in Unpaid Internships  By: Ruth Ellen Post Contract Essentials  5 Tips for … [Read more...]

October/December 2010

In this issue: Embracing the E-Brief Transform your Legal Briefs into a Digital, Interactive Experience  By: Brett Burney Cyber Sleuths  Forging … [Read more...]

July/September 2010

In this issue: Freelance Freedom Launching and Operating a Freelance Paralegal Business Juvenile Justice Launching and Operating a Freelance … [Read more...]

April/June 2010

In this issue Staying Afloat 18th Annual Salary Survey Results By Heidi Lowry Strategies for Landing Your First Paralegal Job By Monica … [Read more...]

January/March 2010

In this issue E-Learning Explosion A Guide to Online Paralegal Education By Hillary Easom 10 Legal Trends for 2010 Ten trends that will impact … [Read more...]