September 15, 2019

Industry News

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Heather Heyer

The legal community lost a passionate advocate for justice when paralegal Heather Heyer was killed August 12, 2017, while counter-protesting at a … [Read more...]

The Unique Role of Legal Nurse Consultants in Litigation

Have you ever interacted with a member of the opposing counsel’s team and noticed the designation “legal nurse consultant,” or “LNC,” after their … [Read more...]

Meet Amy Johnson: AAJ’s 2017 Paralegal of the Year

Amy Johnson, senior litigation paralegal at Yarborough Applegate, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina was recently honored at the American Association … [Read more...]

A Look in the Mirror The Role of Self-Evaluations in the Performance Review Process

Do you greet the annual performance review process with audible groans and utterances of “not again!” when you receive the questions and … [Read more...]

Online First Impressions: The Importance and Impact of Your Digital Profile

Recently, I was making reservations for a weekend trip and in need of accommodations. A travel guide recommended three properties in the area, and I … [Read more...]

Is it Time for Act II of Your Paralegal Career?

If you have worked as a paralegal for more than a few years, you have undoubtedly acquired transferable skills that are highly valued in other … [Read more...]

Paper Software Adds Real-Time Updating to Contract Tools

Paper Software, developers of powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts on Mac and PC, has updated its PC application Contract Tools … [Read more...]

Case Management The Art of the Unseen

Have you ever corresponded with a contact on the opposing counsel’s team and noticed they were identified as a “case manager” in their signature … [Read more...]

International Adoptees and U.S. Citizenship What You Need to Know

Americans have been adopting children from other countries for many years. Through the usual process, once the child is adopted abroad, he or … [Read more...]

Immigration Law and Practice Challenges and Opportunities Under the New Administration

Fear, urgency, and longer wait times for work visas and citizenship requests— those are some of the new realities facing foreign nationals wishing to … [Read more...]

Paralegal Today Magazine Names Elona M. Jouben as Managing Editor

Paralegal Today, the leading independent, national magazine for the paralegal profession, has appointed Elona M. Jouben, MPS, to the position of … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Student Scholarships at 2017 Relativity Fest

kCura has opened submissions for the 2017 Relativity Fest Student Scholarship, which brings students to one of the e-discovery industry’s largest user … [Read more...]

Survey: One In Five Lawyers Plans To Hire Paralegals In Next 12 Months

Survey: One In Five Lawyers Plans To Hire Paralegals In Next 12 Months - MENLO PARK, Calif., March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Skilled … [Read more...]

Paralegals in family courts ‘not the solution,’ Toronto judge says

Paralegals in family courts 'not the solution,' Toronto judge says - The judges at Toronto’s 311 Jarvis St. courthouse — all of whom are family court … [Read more...]

Shearer elected officer of paralegal organization

Shearer elected officer of paralegal organization - Cherylan Shearer, has been elected secretary of the National Federation of Paralegal … [Read more...]