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Archives for September 2014

Trial Presentation Trends

A guide to the latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry for paralegals By Milton Hooper If you watch television, you probably … [Read more...]

Making Paralegal Jobs Easier?

The pros and cons of electronic deposition summaries By Mary Girsch-Bock According to Daniel Siegel, a practicing attorney and president of … [Read more...]

A Look at the New Bankruptcy Law

A paralegal's guide to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 By Tim Wilkerson On Oct. 17, 2005, the most sweeping … [Read more...]

Landlord and Tenant Law

Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing real estate specialty By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq. In almost every major metropolitan … [Read more...]

Sole Synergy

Partnership between paralegal and attorney ensures small firm success. Paralegal: Ramona Gray Attorney: Jim Blakesley Firm: Law Office of … [Read more...]

A Presidential Calling

Rookie of the Year finds a passion in leadership By Sally A. Kane, J.D. November/December 2008 Table of Contents Sponsored by Robert Half … [Read more...]

Paralegal Regulation in the United States

A look at paralegal certification activities and legislation across the nation Compiled by Patrick Vuong  Like dropping a match in a field of dry … [Read more...]

A Paralegal’s Study Guide

Tips to take and pass the two most popular paralegal certification exams By Stacey Hunt, CLA, CAS, and Ann Price, RP  Professional certification … [Read more...]

Secrets of Paralegal Management Unveiled

An insider's look at the role of paralegal managers. By Brad J. Baber, CLA Are you considering a promotion to a paralegal manager position? Maybe … [Read more...]

Paralegals at the Top

How paralegal managers help run some of the nation’s largest law firms By Rachel Campbell Bridging the gap between paralegals and management in the … [Read more...]

Is Your War Room Fully Equipped?

The tools every paralegal needs to create a war room By Ursula Furi-Perry, JD In the middle of an important trial, there is nothing more essential … [Read more...]

Time to Shine

Due diligence for litigation paralegals By Oliver M. Gierke Due diligence traditionally is thought of as an area handled by corporate lawyers and … [Read more...]

Important Legal Writing Tools for Paralegals

Finishing your brief by crafting the Table of Contents and Table of Authorities. By Celia C. Elwell, RP Sometimes, especially in law, it’s the … [Read more...]

Legal Writing for Personal Injury Cases

A paralegal's guide to drafting key documents leading up to trial By Catherine Astl, CLA When preparing for a personal injury civil jury trial, the … [Read more...]

How To Discover Personal Assets

Finding hidden assets in divorce cases By Nicholas L. Bourdeau During the course of a divorce, claims of spouses hiding assets are common. One or … [Read more...]